Leading By Example



Calvary’s Outreach
ministry is a dedicated effective ministry to reach the lost souls of our city
community and the world. We use all the tools that God has equipped us with.
Such as bible studies, knocking on doors, witnessing, video ministry, tent and
street meetings. We know time is running out . We must be up and about our
fathers business . We must all come to repentance and baptism in the name of
Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38) and be filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost.

God Bless You  (if you would like a bible study or need to talk to someone please contact the church)



New Converts Bible Study classes
are a series of lessons based for the starting of the new walk of life. The lessons consist of, various bible stories, your new life, relationship with the Pastor, tithing, holiness…. These studies provide power insight in learning to live the new life God has given you.




This is a time of fellowship and learning for all youth 13 & up. Building our youth and preparing them for a future in Christ is the youth pastor’s goal.  Everyone is welcome to join our youth program.



Kids Zone / Youth in Action

these are teachings and activities rotated on Wednesday Nights for all children ages 5-12yrs.